March 31, 2020

At the NATF, our top priority is the health and safety of our staff and members.  To help inform our decisions during this coronavirus pandemic, we have been working closely with our members and tracking updates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and state and local authorities.  In response, the NATF has taken specific actions to limit potential exposure for staff and members and has initiated specific coordination and information-sharing mechanisms to assist member planning and response.

Member Support

NATF member companies are evaluating and implementing their pandemic plans and taking actions to limit potential exposure for their employees.  The NATF is facilitating information-exchange mechanisms to assist the membership in this regard, such as the following:

  • Weekly webinars hosted by our System Operations Practices Group
    • Sharing of information, approaches, and practices
    • Topics have included response plans, operator staffing (safety/health, shift rotation, location, etc.), family support, and coordination of field personnel
  • Page on our member site
    • Discussion boards
    • Member practices
    • Resource links

External Coordination

The NATF has been in close contact with industry partners during this time to discuss potential coordination, reduce duplication of effort, and deconflict pandemic-response webinars.

Office and Travel

The NATF office is closed until further notice, and all staff are working from home.  NATF travel is cancelled through at least May 1.

Meeting and Events

We have postponed our near-term events (listed below).  We will work with members and our industry partners to reschedule when appropriate.

  • NATF-EPRI-NERC Transmission Resiliency Summit
  • Peer Review (April)
  • Risk Controls Compliance and Security Workshops
  • Peer Review (May)
  • System Protection Practices Group Workshop
  • Metrics Face-to-Face Meeting
  • NATF-NERC-EPRI Planning and Modeling Workshop

Our regularly scheduled webinars will continue as planned.  The NATF membership is adept at exchanging information and sharing lessons learned during virtual meetings, and these interactions will be even more valuable as we deal with current circumstances.

The NATF will continue to support members and the industry in whatever capacity possible.