June 06, 2023

The NATF Supply Chain Security Criteria and Energy Sector Supply Chain Risk Questionnaire version 4.0 documents have been posted for industry use on the Supply Chain Cyber Security Industry Coordination page of the NATF public website. The “Version History” link includes all prior versions and redlines of the NATF criteria and risk questionnaire.

The updates were reviewed and accepted by the ERO Enterprise to ensure its continued endorsement of the two NATF CIP-013 Implementation Guidance documents: NATF CIP-013 Implementation Guidance: Independence Assessments of Vendors and NATF CIP-013 Implementation Guidance: Supply Chain Risk Management Plans.  

Revisions for the 2023 annual cycle include a new detailed change log for the NATF criteria and risk questionnaire. In particular, the security frameworks identified in the NATF criteria were revised and one new supplier criteria was added. The questionnaire is now available in one format merging the previous unformatted, formatted, and scorable options. Other minor changes include additional notes, references, and terminology updates to provide clarity. 

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