March 24, 2017

To promote excellence in transmission reliability and resiliency, North American Transmission Forum (NATF) members share ideas, experiences, and practices on a range of topics, including modeling and physical security.  A subset of this work includes helping position members for successful implementation of North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) Reliability Standards, as appropriate.  We do this by forming teams of subject-matter experts to document insights on certain requirements and terminology in the standards.  The NATF recently completed reference documents for NERC standards CIP-014-2 and MOD-033-1.

The “NATF CIP-014-2 Requirement R1 Guideline” provides information on performing initial and subsequent risk assessments of transmission stations and substations that if rendered inoperable or damaged could result in instability, uncontrolled separation, or cascading within an interconnection.  The document is an update to the previous NATF document designed for CIP-014-1, which was considered ERO enterprise-endorsed implementation guidance; the only changes are references to the new version of the standard (CIP-014-2).

The “NATF MOD-033-1 Methodology Reference Document” is intended to provide guidance, examples, and approaches for performing system model validation as described in the requirements in NERC Reliability Standard MOD-033-1. The intended audience is Planning Coordinator (PC) personnel with responsibility for conducting the various studies called for under MOD-033-1.

For the benefit of the industry at large, the NATF has posted these documents to the Documents section of its public website (www.natf.net).  The NATF plans to submit both documents for consideration as NERC compliance implementation guidance.