Operating Experience

To further benefit reliability, the NATF makes select products available to the entire industry. The resources below are available for download.

Transformer Failure Due to Improper Switching (NATF Redacted OER-489)

Safety - Dropped Ram during Structure Jacking (NATF Redacted OER-471)

Safety - 345-138 kV Grounding Incident (NATF Redacted OER-485)

Safety - Bucket Truck Rollover (NATF Redacted OER-448)

Safety - Equipment and Vehicle Incident Safety Bulletin (NATF Redacted OER-463)

Safety - Stored Energy Hazard in Bushing Capacitors (NATF Redacted OER-476)

Safety - Concrete Pole Accident (NATF Redacted OER-468)

Safety - Worker Injured by Fall While Accessing Bucket on Truck (NATF Redacted OER-429)

Safety - Stored Energy from Switch Handle Strikes Employee (NATF Redacted OER-450)

Safety - Electrical Contact Incident During Underground Cable Replacement (NATF Redacted OER-425)

Safety - Failure of 138 kV Vee Switch Insulator (NATF Redacted OER-420)

Safety - Cutting DC Cable While Energized (NATF Redacted OER-421)

Safety - Climbing Pole Method Causes Injury (NATF Redacted OER-405)

Safety - Lowering Material Injury (NATF Redacted OER-404)

Safety - Caisson Drop Accident (NATF Redacted OER-401)

Safety - Transmission Tower Climber (NATF Redacted OER-264)

Safety - Improper Installation of Safety Grounds (NATF Redacted OER-216)

Safety - Bee Attack on Line Crew (NATF Redacted OER-251)

Safety - Transformer Electrical Shock Incident (NATF Redacted OER-303)

Safety - Air Blast Breaker Muffler Injury (NATF Redacted OER-318)

Safety - Moisture Testing of SF6 Gas (NATF Redacted OER-365)

Safety - Employee Falls and Sustains Injury (NATF Redacted OER-308)

Safety - Pole Splicing Rigging Plates (NATF Redacted OER-272)

Human Performance - HP Leads to Accidential Tripping of Breaker (NATF Redacted OER-292)

Safety - Employee Receives Electrical Shock at Remote Site (NATF Redacted OER-309)

Safety - Operating Experience, Human and Organizational Performance (NATF Redacted OER-298)

Safety and HP - Electrician Falls From Truck (NATF Redacted OER-370)

Safety - Engulfment Risk (NATF Redacted OER-371)

Safety, HP, and Training - Substation Incident Involving Hot Stick Equipment (NATF Redacted OER-363)

Safety - Heat Illness (NATF Redacted OER-304)

Safety - Disposable Portable Propane Tank Storage (NATF Redacted OER-366)