In Progress or Future Projects/Activities

Supplier Evaluation

  • Communication to Suppliers
    • Lead Organization: NATF and IO Team
    • Estimated Completion: November 2020
  • Support and Guidance – Webinars and Workshops (see Resources page for completed webinars)
    • Lead Organization: NATF/TBD
    • Estimated Completion: Ongoing

Risk Assessment

  • Ways to Mitigate identified Supplier Supply Chain Cyber Security Risks
    • Lead Organization: NATF
    • Estimated Completion: TBD

NERC Compliance


  • Implementation Guidance
    • Lead Organization: NATF (with other qualified organizations) working with NERC CCC
    • Estimated Completion: TBD
  • Support and Guidance - Compliance Webinars and Workshops
    • An opportunity for industry to have open dialogue about their programs with ERO Enterprise
    • Lead Organization: NERC CCC
    • Estimated Completion: TBD
  • Compliance Templates/Take Away Materials
    • Lead Organization: NAGF with NERC CCC
    • Estimated Completion: TBD