About the NATF

The North American Transmission Forum (NATF) is built on the principle that the open and candid exchange of information among its members is the key to improving the reliability of the transmission systems in the U.S. and Canada.

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Recent News

September 29, 2017

To benefit the industry and inform regulators of ongoing work, the NATF has posted the following documents on its public website:

  • NATF Practices Document for NERC Reliability Standard CIP-014-2 Requirement R4
    • Guidance for conducting evaluations of potential threats and vulnerabilities of a physical security attack against a Transmission station, Transmission substation, and/or a primary control center
  • NATF Practices Document for NERC Reliability Standard CIP-014-2 Requirement R5
    • Guidance for a physical security plan—includes a template to help with CIP-014 R5 documentation
  • NATF Document for Implementation and Use of Transient Cyber Assets (TCAs) – NERC Reliability Standard CIP-010-2 Requirement R4, Attachment 1, Sections 1 and 2
    • Implementation guidance for members and industry related to TCAs; developed on a template conducive to NERC’s compliance guidance initiative
  • Transmission System Resiliency – An Overview
    • An update to the NATF resiliency summary created in 2015
The CIP-014-2 documents are updates to previously posted NATF CIP-014-1 documents to align with the current version of the standard.  All three CIP-related documents have been submitted to NERC for consideration as Implementation Guidance.